Comprehensive Storage Insurance
Claims Procedure
Insurance Claim Form
In the event of a valid insurance claim University Trucking will be liable for the lesser of the following three options:
  1. the cost of restoring the property to its condition immediately before the move (in the case of damaged items),
  2. the actual replacement value of the property, or
  3. the verified purchase price, which is:
    1. $100 if no additional insurance was purchased, or
    2. The amount of additional insurance the Customer purchased for the item plus the $100 of free insurance
The customer must keep the box and all packaging materials of all damaged items for inspection by University Trucking.

University Trucking reserves the right to request copies of the original receipt of any items that were damaged or lost in order to verify their purchase price.

All claims must be filed within 14 days of delivery or attempted delivery of the item(s).

If you do not list the value of each item(s) over $100, University Trucking will only be responsible for $100 of value per item(s).
More detailed information regarding insurance may be found in our terms and conditions.

UT automatically protects each UT storage and shipping package against loss or damage up to a value of $100, unless the Customer purchases additional insurance from UT, the Customer agrees that the released value of each package is no greater than $100 and that UT's liability is limited to $100. The basic and additional insurance for stored items provides coverage against damage or loss of the Customer's stored packages. The insurance does not cover:
  1. Electronic equipment not in its original packaging or other professional packaging. This applies to computers, monitors, stereo equipment, televisions, and ALL other electronic equipment.
  2. Jewelry, coins, and collectables.
  3. Cash.
  4. Damage to electronic equipment if there is no evidence of physical damage to the packaging container.
  5. Items of sentimental or intangible value.
  6. Extremely fragile items (e.g. mirrors).
  7. Improperly packed items (See our Suggested Packing Tips).
  8. Unpacked items, including furniture that is not wrapped and protected.
  9. Minor damage due to normal handling (including, but not limited to scratches, nicks, and cuts).
  10. Damage to storage containers (e.g. boxes, trucks, etc.).
  11. Any damage caused by forced majeure.
  12. Damages due to natural disasters, and any and all loss or damages occurring while the items are not in the possession of University Trucking.
  13. Damages caused to particle board and assembled furniture.
Damaged items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior packaging of the item. University Trucking cannot be held liable for concealed damage to items within a carton, trunk, or other casing without physical damage to the exterior of the package.

The Customer acknowledges that they are liable for any damage their storage contents may inflict on the property of others.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this and other Agreements, University Trucking's maximum liability for any damage, loss, cost, or expense incurred as a result of any storage by University Trucking is limited by the terms included in this Agreement. All insurance coverage is expressly limited to the period in which the Customer's possessions are in the actual care and custody of University Trucking.

UPS & FedEx Shipping Insurance Policy:
University Trucking is not liable for insurance claims on items shipped via UPS or FedEx. All UPS and FedEx packages are automatically insured for $100 unless additional insurance is purchased from UPS or FedEx at the time of pickup. It is the customer's responsibility to declare the value of their packages being shipped via UPS or FedEx and purchase insurance for them at the time of their pickup.