Eight Short Packing Guidelines:
  1. Label your storage and shipping items: See https://www.utrucking.com/howtolabel.asp for instructions on how to label different items.

  2. Plastic storage bins: Please tape drawers shut and avoid packing any heavy items inside drawers. If you choose to tape separate containers together, please affix your name on each container.

  3. Defrost Refrigerators: Two days before pickup you should unplug, defrost, and clean out all water and grime from your fridge. Otherwise next year you might find some dirty surprises waiting...

  4. Distribute the weight: No package should weigh more then 70 lbs. There will be an extra fee added to the cost of these extra heavy packages. In other words, spread your books evenly amongst all of your boxes.

  5. Electronics and fragile items: All electronics and fragile items must be in their original packaging to be insured.

  6. Don't pack detergent: Laundry detergent and other liquids and gels have poor packaging for storage and often break open. Don't pack them, because they may ruin your belongings! More importantly, if your detergent damages another person's belongings, you're responsible.

  7. Food Storage: Please do not store any food, beverages, or perishables.

  8. Don't skimp on packing material: There should be AT LEAST a two inch barrier of protective packaging material (even clothing helps) between your items and the box wall.

  9. Take your time packing your belongings: Packing up a year's worth of stuff can take up to an entire day. Leave yourself plenty of time.

  10. Please see our "Terms and Conditions" for a complete list of shipping and storage guidelines.

Have a Great Vacation!