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Study Abroad Storage - Monthly Pricing

All prices are per item, per month. Study Abroad Storage is from December until August (8 months).
Prices include free boxes, tape, pickup, delivery, and basic insurance.
This is a list of items usually stored with us, but we can store absolutely anything!
Prices are based on volume and may be subject to adjustment if item is smaller or larger than the standard. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us anytime.

Small (2.0 ft3 or less)$12
Medium (2.01 ft3 - 3.0 ft3)$14
Large (3.01 ft3 - 4.0 ft3)$16
UTrucking Box (4.0 ft3)$16
Luggage (Suitcases & Duffels)
Small Luggage (2.0 ft3 or less)$12
Medium Luggage (2.01 ft3 - 3.0 ft3)$14
Large Luggage (3.01 ft3 - 4.0 ft3)$16
X-Large Luggage (4.01 ft3 - 5.0 ft3)$18
Small Trunk (2.0 ft3 or less)$12
Medium Trunk (2.01 ft3 - 3.0 ft3)$14
Large Trunk (3.01 ft3 - 4.0 ft3)$16
X-Large Trunk (4.01 ft3 - 5.0 ft3)$18
Camp Duffel$25
Stackable Plastic Drawer (each)$9
Small Plastic Bin (2.0 ft3 or less)$12
Medium Plastic Bin (2.01 ft3 - 3.0 ft3)$14
Large Plastic Bin (3.01 ft3 - 4.0 ft3)$16
Small Fridge (1.4 ft3 - 2.4 ft3)$14
Medium Fridge (2.41 ft3 - 3.4 ft3)$16
Large Fridge (3.41 ft3 - 4.4 ft3)$18
Boxed Desk Chair$12
Desk Chair$20
Futon Frame$38
Futon Mattress$38
Full/Queen Mattress$50
Full/Queen Box Spring$50
Miscellaneous Items
Bicycle (boxed)$18
Bicycle (unboxed)$32
Poster Tube$5
Art Portfolio$10
Extra Charge: Items over 70 lbs+$35
Additional Insurance (per $500 coverage)$30
Unreturned UTrucking Boxes$7
**Boxes are free if used with a service or returned
Study Abroad Shipping

Prices include free boxes, tape, pickup, and delivery.

Domestic Shipping$1.99 per pound
International ShippingCall or Email with inquiries
Oversized Shipment*$35
*Oversized specification is determined by UPS$35
Half-Year Appliance Rentals
Large Refrigerator (4.0 ft3)$60
Medium Refrigerator (2.7 ft3)$45
Small Refrigerator (1.8 ft3)$30
Desk Chair$40

**Prices do not include the refundable deposit applied to the rental of each item. Deposit will be refunded if rental is returned after being defrosted, cleaned, and is able to be rented upon return.

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