Fall Study Abroad Storage & Shipping

If you are studying abroad in the fall, sign up for our "Summer Storage & Shipping" service. Storage is from May - January. Please write "FALL STUDY ABROAD" on all storage items and contact us by email.

Checklist for an Easy Move:

1. Sign up for the service "Study Abroad Storage & Shipping", even if you will just use storage or shipping.
2. Choose a pick-up date and time that's convenient for you.
3. Pick up free boxes & tape from the South 40, village, or off-campus, or sign up for Box Delivery to have them delivered right to your door.
4. Pack and label your items.
5. Relax and enjoy your break and your adventure abroad!


Storage is priced per item and shipping is priced per pound. You can store absolutely anything, and you can ship boxes and luggage with us. You can also store and/or ship however many items you would like. No need to inform us beforehand of how many items you plan to store or ship, as everything will be invoiced at the time of pickup. Please refer to our pricing list for a full list of our prices. These prices include FREE boxes and tape, pickup and delivery, standard insurance coverage (up to $100 per storage item), and storage from December until August.

Free Double-Walled Boxes and Tape

You can pick-up your FREE boxes and tape from our store on the South 40 or the Village, depending on a schedule we will email out. We will be open at our storefront every day of the week as move-out week approaches. We respond to all emails and calls within 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition, if you'd like packing supplies delivered right to your door, we offer box & tape delivery for $50.

Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

All of your storage items will be stored in a climate-controlled facility to provide a safe environment for electronics and other temperature-sensitive items. The facility is also armed with a state of the art security system to ensure your items remain in the safest care.