Door-to-Door Shipping Service for WashU Students

Your Reliable, Convenient Appliance and Shipping Solution!

We make every WashU family's move-in experience a seamless transition to college!

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East Coast, California, Texas, and Chicago Ship-to-School

Let us help and do the heavy lifting for you! We are a student-owned and -operated company that provides shipping, storage, and appliance rental services to over 1,800 WashU students every year.

  • We offer home pickups from the East Coast, California, Texas, and Chicago, ship your items to WashU ourselves, and deliver your items right to your dorm room or off-campus apartment on a date and time you select!
  • For students who live elsewhere, ship your belongings and back-to-school purchases to us, and we'll deliver them straight to your dorm room, hassle-free!

WashU Move-In Made Easy!

We move over 1,400 WashU students' belongings right to their dorm room and off-campus apartment every August. Learn More!

Rent Appliances!

We also rent dorm mini fridges, microwaves, and desk chairs for both semesters, or one if you're studying abroad. Learn how renting saves time and money!

Work for UTrucking!

We are proud to say that we only hire WashU students. We pay $10/hour, move you in early for free, and you get to work with friends!

About Us!

Since 1977, UTrucking has provided WashU students with an unbeatable moving, storage, and shipping experience. We help over 1,800 students each year!

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